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raidlayer is Indias preferred Domain Registration and management company proud to offer domain registration services for Indian domain names, which are the country domains for India. If you wish to reach the Indian community then you’ve found your perfect domain name here!

  • .in (available to anyone; used by companies, individuals, and organizations in India)
  • (intended for banks, registered companies, and trademarks)
  • (intended for shops, partnerships, liaison offices, sole proprietorships)
  • (intended for Internet service providers)
  • (intended for nonprofit organisations)
  • (intended for general/miscellaneous use)
  • (intended for individuals)

Zones reserved for use by qualified institutions in India:

  • (Older, for both educational and research institutes)
  • (Academic institutions)
  • (Educational institutions)
  • (Indian research institutes)
  • (Indian government)
  • (Indian military organizations)
Registration and management services for Indian domain names

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